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Cable grouping, cutting the cables to the desired length by a special cable cutting machine, then stripping the cable ends according to the terminal (connection equipment) to be used, crimping the cut cables in many different sizes, diameters and characteristics, by selecting the terminals suitable for the design (technical drawing / specification). and finally, the process of addressing the prepared semi-finished cables according to their features on the assembly panel designed for the product and performing grouping processes. Cable network assemblies can be done manually or with machine support.

Each method requires many different procedures. Among them; Grommet of cables - PVC Tubing and so on. Passing through protective equipment such as passing and placing, banding of cable networks, routing according to usage areas, clamps / cable ties and so on. with fixing operations. These operations can be carried out by assembly operators or semi-automatic machines according to the product structure and special requests of the customer. Some cable networks are manufactured with a terminal at both ends, terminals only on one end, or stripping at the other end. These are simple cable networks. Other Group cable networks are much more complex and contain multiple cables, connectors, and terminals. There are many factors to be taken into account, entirely depending on the customer need and where the product is used.

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