We try to provide safe and practical solutions for the production of our high quality cables suitable for their usage areas. The cable harnesses, which do not cause any problem for the working environment between -20 and 60 degrees in any area needed, can be safely preferred to relieve the intense cable load and provide an aesthetic appearance. It also offers flexible solutions in every preferred place with its cable harness of different thickness and density in accordance with the quantity and quantity.

Cable harnesses contain sockets and similar products, grouped by providing connection between cards and modules within the manufactured cables. We, who are specialized in the cable industry for a fast and error-free production, aim to save time and labor loss in enterprises with high production potential. Especially, we prepare the cable harnesses, which we offer to the fast and easy use of institutions with high density application areas such as Data Center, in appropriate quantities. With this option, which allows the use of more than one cable together, you always have the chance to get rid of the image of cable pollution. Cable bundles, which can be labeled at both ends, can be subjected to cable grouping from 5 meters to 90 meters. Finally, the cables passed through the test are bundled into cable harnesses with maximum quality. You can safely apply to our professional team with full capacity equipment in our production facility.

Our main services in cable bundling application
Special Design Cable Kit with 50mm / 2.54mm / 3.96mm / 5.08mm Pin Spacing
90 ° / 180 ° Mini, Micro, USB1.0 / 2.0 Special Design USB Cable
90 ° / 180 ° 8P8C 10cm ~ 20m Length Ethernet Cable (Cross or Straight)
Cable Group Teflon Insulation
Heatshrink Tube (Heat Shrink Tubing) Grouping
With our principles that do not compromise on quality in our sector, we are at your side for a solution by announcing our name to wider masses every day. Our assurance, documented and registered in our production network, is always a source of pride for us. Having ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates, our company is pleased to offer you the most reliable and guaranteed service.

Our aim is to deliver products without any problem by offering complete and accurate solutions to the demands of our customers. With our high quality cables; To maintain our feature of being one of the reliable suppliers by developing fast and practical approaches to you.

You can contact us for our services such as Cable Grouping, Cable Marking, Terminal Crimping, Cable Cutting and End Opening, Socketed Cables, Special Ready Cables, S Spiral Cables, Sockets and Connectors.