Turkey's cable industry in the satisfaction of being the leading companies, we are doing our cable customers can use the grouping process in all areas, we want to specify. In addition to our production in terms of both quality and capacity; We provide cable grouping and various contract services with our expert and dynamic staff. We aim to continue to be one of the leading suppliers of the cable industry in Automotive, Autogas, White Goods, Heating-Cooling, Air Conditioning, Electrical Small Home Appliances, Lighting, Audio and Video Systems, Security, Elevator, Ventilation, Communication, Electrical Electronics and many more.

When it comes to cable manufacturing, not only energy and telecommunication cables; electrolytic copper and its derivatives (wire, bus, etc.); aluminum conductors and derivatives, wire rope industry; The sectors mentioned above, such as the plastic industry, and more should be considered. The cable industry should be considered together with all other added values ​​such as the production of pulleys used in cable shipments. In addition to the cable needs of the market, we continue to be by our customers with our services that cover the continuation of the production. With our experience of more than 10 years, we aim to make serious strides in meeting the domestic needs and increasing our exports by closely following the technical developments in the cable industry in the coming years.

When it comes to Cable Grouping, there is a point that we frequently encounter in the sector, which is that this concept is not used correctly enough. This process is searched on the search pages by using the words "Cable Installation", "Cable Installation", "Cable Installation". In addition, the wrong uses; It is also referred to with terms such as "Cable Tree", "Harness", "Cable with Connector", "Socket Cable", "Cable splicing". However, the correct usage should be the word "Cable Grouping". This word, which means grouping the manufactured cables according to their intended use, is carried out for many cable derivatives. All steps in the Cable Grouping process, by using the full capacity tools, equipment and equipment of our brand, It is made in accordance with worker health, occupational safety and environmental protection conditions.

a) The cables coming from the warehouse are cut according to the dimensions in the cable cutting machines.
b) Cut cables are subjected to end opening and soldering.
c) Terminal fastening is performed on the ends of the cables.
d) Sockets are attached to the cables that will be grouped and ready for the process, respectively, and banding is done.
e) The non-contact of the cables is tested by checking whether they are working or not.
f) The tested material is sent to the relevant unit.

With our principles that do not compromise on quality in our sector, we are always at your side for solutions by announcing our name to the wider masses every day. Our assurance, documented and registered in our production network, is always a source of pride for us. Having ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates, our company is pleased to offer you the most reliable and guaranteed service. Our most basic principle is to deliver the products without any problem by providing complete and accurate solutions to the demands of our customers. With our high quality cables; It is an indispensable condition in our company policy to protect our feature of being one of the suppliers of the reliable cable industry by developing fast, practical and economical approaches to you.

Apart from Cable Grouping, you can contact us for our services such as Cable Marking, Terminal Crimping, Cable Cutting and End Opening, Cable Bundles, Socketed Cables, Special Ready Cables, SMD Led, Led Import, Spiral Cables, Sockets and Connectors.