The first stage of Cable Grouping is cutting and end opening. With this application made right after the manufacturing, the cable is made ready for use. In this process, which is carried out with professional machines, the desired quality products are obtained with the appropriate team and equipment. Depending on the specifications and dimensions of the cables in various machines, our customers are able to add the ends they want. All operations during the cable cutting and tip opening phase are very important for the next step. In the ongoing stages, the cables are prepared in certain dimensions. Cables, which are processed in seconds by automatic machines and professional hands, can be easily tested.

As in all processes in the cable industry, the machines and equipment used at this stage, in short, all equipment must be at a sufficient level. As ESPA, we use automatic machines to cut the cables to the desired length. Because we have state-of-the-art programmable equipment for cable cutting and tapping. Thanks to our flexible designed machines, there are solutions suitable for all types of insulation materials and special process functions. We rely on our equipment and our team (such as automatic cable cutting and end stripping machines designed for cable types such as single core, multi-core, flat cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable) We can guarantee high quality end cutting to our customers. We offer different cable end cutting services according to the desired features by using the machines with the most processing variety in its class.

These plus factors that increase staff strength and these plus factors that increase staff strength cause us to always gain the satisfaction of our customers. These possibilities also enable us to deliver the cables to the end user in working condition, by producing in high quality in series.

With our principles that do not compromise on quality in our sector, we are at your side for a solution by announcing our name to wider masses every day. Our assurance, documented and registered in our production network, is always a source of pride for us. Having ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates, our company is pleased to offer you the most reliable and guaranteed service.

Our aim is to deliver products without any problem by offering complete and accurate solutions to the demands of our customers. With our high quality cables; To maintain our feature of being one of the reliable suppliers by developing fast and practical approaches to you.

In addition to Cable Cutting and End Opening, you can contact us for our services such as Cable Grouping, Cable Marking, Terminal Crimping, Cable Bundles, Socketed Cables, Special Ready Cables, SMD Led, Led Import, Spiral Cables, Sockets and Connectors.