Cable Marking process in the sector; It is also called "Cable Labeling", "Cable Label" or "Cable Coding". Cables, which are put into use after various processes after manufacturing, become highly preferable for transportation sectors such as elevators or cranes by manufacturing a special cable with the Cable Marking system. Marked cables are covered with special materials according to your special requests and needs. This system stands out in the sector as it makes the usage area safe with the strengthening of the outer sheath.

How is cable marking done?

In the cable marking process, suitable and permanent marking for the cable is not a luxury, it is a quality standard demanded by customers who want modern and high quality. Conductor and cable marking systems provide ideal marking options to the users, regardless of the type of snap-on, clip, adhesive or cable ties attached to the cable. Depending on the material, different printers can be used for labeling conductors and cables.

In the Cable Marking process, the labels are inserted into the cable, pressed or glued on it or tied with a cable tie. For labeling the conductors, it can be labeled with any of the colors white, red, blue, violet, orange, yellow, according to your requests. In this labeling process, attention is paid to the number of labels on a plate, the number of labels on each strip, material, non-flammability class, temperature range, wiping resistance, components, conductor diameter range, conductor cross section range during the printing phase.

The marking process, which can be applied to cables used in many areas, involves closed labeling from control cables to large diameter thin plastic sheathed cables; It can be made for all cables used in closed environments. It is delivered to you with modern printing technology, very durable and optimum print quality, according to your requirement, clearly readable label area in any case.

Conductors and cables can always be identified in labels that are printed quickly, easily and economically using suitable printers according to the desired properties. Labels can be punched automatically or cut to the required length in the printing process.

The conductor to be marked is optionally positioned on the label. Different conductor diameters are also offered with marking (labeling) specific to our customers. Thanks to thermal transfer printers, we can offer you the best result with high quality labeling. Protects the conductor labels against external influences, dust and pollution with special packaging; We use conductor marking methods for the identification and grouping of conductors in indoor areas.

Cable labels consist of a writing area and transparent protective foil. The protective foil is wrapped on the label, providing permanent protection against contamination and wear. Cable tags do not increase the cross section of the cable, for example, they do not make it difficult to pull through cable ducts. High quality labeling is created with a thermal transfer printer. Fast and easy to use solvent resistant cable labels are delivered printed according to the request of our customers. Marking or labeling conductors and cables increases the transparency of panels and switchgear. In this way, while the assembly and maintenance work becomes easier, many possible problems are prevented.

Lockout cable tags have two integral labeling fields and are always legible. They can be retrofitted to the connected cables and conductors. Individually printed labels are screwed onto conductors or attached with cable ties. Various materials can be presented in card or roll form. Ferrules have isolated rings that support labeling. In this way, two processes are done at the same time. Lockable cable tags have two inseparable labeling fields and are always legible. They can be retrofitted to the connected cables and conductors. It is attached with suitable cable ties. Various materials can be presented in card or roll form. Pre-labeled annular tags can be used for easy and secure cable labeling. Its special structure prevents the labels from tangling with each other. Heat shrink tubing is ideal for permanent marking of cables and conductors.

Conductor tags can be attached using cable ties, regardless of conductor and cable diameters. Enough space is provided for long labels thanks to the large labeling area. Cable labels consist of transparent foil that protects the writing area and the label against abrasion and contamination. It is available in different sizes and shapes.

Plastic cable markers are suitable for use in labeling and bundling cables and conductors. The label is protected from contamination by a screw cap, and the cover can be changed at any time.

In addition to all these processes, faster marking and labeling is performed with the latest and advanced technology. Automatically during the writing process, our client