With the introduction of electricity in our lives, cable has gained great importance. With the acceleration of technological developments, wired and wireless communication interfaces started to be used. Although wireless communication systems are developed, wired communication and power systems are used predominantly.

Connection technologies have become an indispensable element every day. Connectors, which provide convenience in all kinds of industrial facilities, are specially produced for different working areas such as wind turbines, rail systems, and the automotive industry. Connection technologies in which the elements used in environments such as all kinds of industrial facilities and smart home systems are connected with each other are called industrial connectors. Industrial connectors, which improve fast commissioning and service possibilities, especially in difficult operating conditions, are very important in the industrial field. These connectors can be varied according to the number of poles, from a few mA signals to high currents such as 200A.

The connectors are located where the binary system interconnects for a compact, lossless and reliable connection. These plastic elements, which act as insulation, ensure that all elements of the terminals are mechanically protected and their contact with electrical parts is prevented. The main operations we carry out within the framework of certain standards with the connection technology developed to provide the necessary protection and connection:

Industrial Facilities
Field Applications
Photovoltaic Systems
Energy Systems
MCR Technology
It has been specialized according to building automation and telecommunication systems and many connection connectors have emerged within the framework of standards.

Automotive industry,
For mechanical and system engineering,
For chemical, rail and off-shore applications with aggressive environments and harsh climatic atmospheres,
For ships, drilling platforms, wind turbines and EMC applications
They are produced in separate properties.
1.Locking Latch: The element that ensures that the terminal is fixed inside the connector and fits the connector properly is called the locking latch.

2. Male Terminal Entry Mouth: Male terminal inlet mouth should be suitable for the size of the male terminal. There is also a nail entry slot in the mouth for male types with nails.


1. Single Position Connectors: It is a connector type that has only one connection.

2. Multi-position Connectors: Commonly used these connectors contain more than one connection.


Connector sheaths are isolation elements that protect the terminals from external factors. Unlike connectors, they isolate only one product. Connectors and sheaths are produced using different thermoplastic materials such as Polyamide, PVC, PE. Thermoplastics are resistant to heat, pressure, tension and chemical effects, and can heat and cool many times before they are damaged as a material. The choice of suitable material depends on both the connector's design and the areas of application that are considered.

Computer (DVI, HDMI, USB) Connector
USB connector
1.USB 2.0 Sockets
2.USB 3.0 Sockets
3.USB Micro Sockets
4. USB Converters
Ethernet Connector
Born Klemen and Banan Jack
D-Sub Connector
1. D-Sub Solder Type
2.D-Sub Needle Foot
3.D-Sub 90® PCB Type
4. D-Sub Cover
5.D-Sub Flat Cable with Compression
6.D-Sub Gender Converters

D-Sub Connectors
Tunic Type
Din Connector
Header Connector
IDC Connector
1. Female IDC Connector
2. Male IDC Connector 180 ©
3.Male IDC Connector 90 ©
4. Cable Type IDC Plug
5. Lock Male IDC
6. Flat Cables
Machine Plug and Socket

Pin Header
1. Male Pin Header 2.54mm
2. Female Pin Header 2.54mm
3.Long Pin Pin Header
4.2mm Pin Header
5.127 Pin Header
6. Jumper
Modular Jack Connectors
Power Connectors
RF Cables and Connectors
SD-MMC-SIM-Batery Holder / SD Card Slot
Audio and Video Connectors
Waterproof Connectors

Tunic Connector
SMA Connector
Adafruit JST Connector
Wire-to-Wire Connector
Audio Connector
BNC Connector
Military Connector
Other Connector

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