What is a custom ready cable?

Whenever technical problems cannot be solved with standard cables, special cables come into play. In this case, it is our duty to direct you to the solution faster and in accordance with the problem! With our wide range of products, we have been producing special cables from 100 m to 500 m to meet the expectations of our customers for years. We share our versatile designs with you by offering different cables for different application areas.

Special ready-made cables designed in accordance with many sectors in the field of use bring ease of use. These cables, which are used extensively in internet and camera systems, also save time with their easy installation. We are always at your service with our staff who can offer ready-made cables that you can easily use in many areas for sale in different quantities. Cables, which are inspired by technological innovations, are developed in accordance with your special requests and usage areas, which are resistant to external factors and you can always use them safely.

Construction examples in special pre-fabricated cables

Rotation and Torsion Connection Cable: Connection cable. It is specially designed for rail vehicles. It is produced to be resistant to rotation and torsion movements.

Elevator Control Cable: Halogen-free elevator cables. It is suitable for use in public buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airports and train stations for high security.

Retractable Cables: They are suitable for use in spring and motorized cable collection battalions in stage and theater technique. It is used in areas where mechanical stress is moderate, such as lifting mechanisms, transport installations, agricultural machinery.

Cable for Port Cranes: It is produced for applications where the cable is to be wrapped with high mechanical stresses and is suitable for vertical basketing systems. Example usage area is line vehicles.

Cables for High Mechanical Stress: It provides a more functional application area with a wide range of products for agriculture, work vehicles and machines. Products in this category are designed for applications where mechanical stress is intense, especially for outdoor use. An example of use is construction machines.

Spiral Cables: With a special method, cable wires are turned from flat to spiral. The highest quality cable is produced with any outer sheath material you desire suitable for your purpose of use.

Which cables do we do in custom ready-made cables?
Our company, which has a product portfolio that can meet all your needs, contact us for what we have listed below and more. Because you are at the right address to provide detailed information for the most suitable solution for you.

-Electronic and Telecommunication Cables
-BUS, LAN, Coaxial, Video and System Cables
-Control and Signal Cables Used for Moving Cable Carriers
-Robot Cables
-Servo Motor Power and Signal Cables
-Crane, Conveyor, and Elevator Cables
-Rubber Cables
-Heat Resistant Cables
-Cables for Fixed Installation
-Chemical Resistant Cables
-Cables Suitable For Marine Conditions
-Spiral Cables
-You can find the right solutions for your needs from our wide range of products. Do you have questions or need our advice? Contact us!

With our principles that do not compromise on quality in our sector, we are at your side for a solution by announcing our name to wider masses every day. Our assurance, documented and registered in our production network, is always a source of pride for us. Having ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates, our company is pleased to offer you the most reliable and guaranteed service.

Our aim is to deliver products without any problem by providing complete and accurate solutions to the demands of our customers. With our high quality cables; To maintain our feature of being one of the reliable suppliers by developing fast and practical approaches to you.

You can contact us for our services such as Cable Grouping, Cable Marking, Terminal Crimping, Cable Bundles, Cable Cutting and End Opening, Special Ready Cables, Spiral Cables, Sockets and Connectors.