Socketed cables are useful in the computer, audio and video industry in terms of adding additional connectivity to devices. It can be named in various categories according to the cable's special features and thickness. After the production, the final inspection is made by inserting the sockets of the cables that are cut and stripped. In this way, it is ensured that the product delivered to the end user, the consumer, is sound.

Different types of sockets are available according to usage. Socket cables work by plugging the socket at the entrance of the devices into the device chamber. One side of the cables will have sockets, as well as the ones with sockets on both sides. Providing the connection of one end of the cable with the device from single input to multiple inputs; Pairing the other end with another device is one of the most basic features of socketed cables. Straight type socketed or 90 degree socketed cables with different lengths can be supplied by us. There are cables with one or more input sockets. At the same time, these types of cables, which add added value to usage with different end sockets, are preferred in almost every sector. (Energy, Electricity, Telecommunication etc.) In production, socketing is made according to the characteristics of the cable. It is possible with us to obtain affordable prices and reliable socketed cables depending on the area of ​​use.

Cables called cable entries can be produced with or without sockets, which provide an advantage of use. In this way, it is possible to pass the plug-in cables even afterwards. The warranties of the cable with socket or plug are not affected, as the sockets do not require soldering. If the insert with the correct cable diameter is selected, high protection class products are obtained and the stress is reduced.

You can safely apply to our professional team with full capacity equipment in our production facility. Our main services in cable entry application:

Detachable cable entry,
Separable cable entry in the middle,
Extensions to KEL cable entries
Cable entries suitable for large diameters
Detachable 90 ° flanged cable entry
Thin cable entries
Detachable main line cable entries,
Detachable cable entries, tool-free assembly
Mounting frame suitable for cable entries
Cut elastomer cable entries
Cut elastomer cable entries
Brushed cable glands
Cable grommets
Cable entries on panel bases

You can solve your business safely with our detachable system, which is consistent with the cable glands plug-in cable entry system, and products that can be installed quickly and easily. Cut inserts are inserted into the two parts of the gland by inserting them into the cable with sockets. 1, 2 or 4 pieces of inserts are used depending on the size of the union. Since both parts are interlocking, assembly can be done without tools. Fittings are mounted to panels with a snap-on system or a bolt-on system. Metric sizes can be ordered according to the model of the split fittings; these are suitable for metric cuts. Detachable cable glands provide access to socketed or finished cables. In some detachable fittings, sealing can be achieved by passing the socketed cables. Our main services in the application of cable glands:

Cable gland, separable
90 ° cable gland, separable,
Plug-in cable gland, separable,
Cable gland, separable
Cable gland, compact, detachable,
Plug-in cable gland, compact, separable,
Cable grommets
Brushed cable glands

We are able to quickly pass non-socket cables in cable entries and pre-assembled cables between 1.5 and 22 mm thickness into panels and boxes. The frames of the cable entries are mostly made of thermoplast or metal and are completely covered with elastomer. Our main services in cable transits application:

Cable entries with strain relief
Cable transits, high density
Cable entries, very high density
Cable glands, with nuts,
Cable entries, snap-on
Cable entries, snap-on
Cable transits up to 70 mm in diameter,
Cable transits up to 68 mm in diameter,
Cable transits up to 68 mm diameter,
Blind plug for cable entries
Brushed cable glands

Compared to traditional cable glands, we are assertive in cable entries, as in all products we produce as ESPA. Because we use meticulously and suitable materials in production without passing any quality standards. You can find suitable cable entries and more on our page.

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