Spiral cables made of polyurethane material are suitable for use in many areas as they protect their structure for a long time and are highly resistant to abrasions and tears. Spiral cables, which are manufactured to resist mechanical stress, are also known as tubular cables with different platforms. These types of cables are electrical materials that can serve the pipes and cables needed by the electrical installer at the same time; It is formed by the production of the pipe and cable in a way that they are not adhered to each other. The outer side of the pipe is serrated, the work side is flat and slippery, which brings the flexible use of the cables. Spiral cables, which are often preferred by electrical installers, are placed in a solid pipe and show trouble-free performance for many years of use. Spiral lengths and ends can be produced optionally.

Spiral cables, which can be easily laid in every installation, provide ease of application in corner places for installation. In the cable options that minimize the damage that may come from natural ways, the cables that prevent the damage of the pipe guarantee safe use. In case of a possible failure in the cables, the cables that can be easily inserted back into the pipe by eliminating the malfunction are the most practical way to meet many needs in this respect. Spiral cables, which put an end to the process of passing the cable through the pipe in lighting and communication applications, also show the easy applicability of an aesthetic system.


Spiral cables are designed for mobile applications. For this reason, the most used places are door systems. There are versions that can be used in power, command and signal transmission. The cores of the control cables are numbered and their operating voltages are 300/500 V, the cores of the power cables are color-coded and their operating voltages are 450 / 750V. The cores of the signal cables are color-coded and the peak operating voltage is 250 V. Signal cables are copper braided. Open length of spiral cables is maximum 6 m. The conductor class of spiral cables is Class 5.


Spiral cables are used in medical and special instrument applications, special vehicles, industrial robot technologies, computer keyboards, mobile communication and control devices, musical instruments and many more. Copper shielded spiral cables are also available. These cables are used to operate mobile devices and to transmit electricity to them. Industrial robots, lifting platforms, electrical equipment connections and control devices of agricultural vehicles, packaging machines and many other places that we cannot count.<

As these cables can be opened up to 4 times the closed length, they do not take up space and are collected without causing confusion, thus they have a function that increases satisfaction according to changing demands.

The use of spiral cables is mandatory in almost all market areas such as the communications industry, medical engineering, automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, or in the power supply for the lamp industry. In addition to their electrical / mechanical uses, spiral cables are often used as an aesthetically perfect solution. When using PVC or PUR spiral cables it is often possible to adapt the color of the supply cable to the object.

Control Cables, Spiral Plug Cable are used in machine manufacturing, machine tool benches, industrial and measurement engineering, communication and medical technologies, motor vehicle industry, automatic door systems, portable devices as power and signal carrying.

It is used as connection and control cable in machine manufacturing, machine tool benches, industrial and measurement engineering, communication and medical technologies, motor vehicle industry, portable devices.
Operating Voltage = 300 V-… 750V
Test Voltage = 1200 V… 2.5 KV
Operating Temperature = -30 ° C… + 70 ° C
Inner Conductor = Tinned copper
Insulator = Polyethylene-PVC
Outer Sheath = PUR

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